A boy named Justus



Going into your sophomore year, as a LASer, is very exciting. Not only are we not freshmen anymore, but we also have our mentee to look after.  As soon as it was confirmed Justus Anderson had received the scholarship and planned on coming here, I knew he would be my mentee. I had met him through mutual friends prior to competition day and we clicked unbelievably well.   He was genuine, optimistic, inspiring and a handsome young man. I had the pleasure of spending the

Fourth of July at his hometown with a group of our friends and there we really began forming a strong relationship. I could not wait to live across the street from him when school had started. I never realized how much of an impact this kid would make in my life.

Justus has this aura about him, you can just see the positivity radiating off of him and it constantly spreads to others. It was incredible and those are the type of people you keep around (as I did). He was always there for me, whenever I needed him, I texted him frequently to go on walks with me when I needed to take a deep breath and vent to someone. It was honestly essential to my well-being having him up at school with me, it gave me a sense of security and I could never thank him enough for that. I believe Justus taught me more than I taught him and I sincerely mean that.

The most memorable night I have at college was the night before the Mentee/Mentor Retreat. Justus and I got together and just talked for hours, some very deep conversations, others about passions, I couldn’t stop talking to him. He love to talk about music and I loved listening. I don’t know much about music and what goes into making it so he would explain everything to me and show me different types of music and how they use different tempos and instruments to portray different genres. I was so intrigued and learned so much. I am forever blessed to have a mentee with so much knowledge and I know that he is going to make a change on this planet, a very essential one.



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