Getting Back Into Greek Life


After a semester fully devoted to practicing and staying involved with the cheer team, I was excited to have extra free time open up in my schedule. Since the cheer team does a minimal amount of events during the spring, it gave me an excess of free time in my schedule. Once I realized this, I made the decision to go back to an active state in my fraternity. I was very hesitant to do this at first but after a number of discussions with different people I thought would have the best advice, the only option was to get back into it.

A big motivating factor for me to go active again was not wanting to miss Greek Week. I have a passion for dancing and always have. In high school, I did Guy/Girl Pom every year and my senior year I was the lead male dancer. This carried on into college when I found out about Greek Week and was able to make the cut for the men’s hard dance each year. Taking all of that into consideration, you may now understand how much Greek Week means to me.


Greek Week this year set it’s target to raise money for the Kristy Malter Memorial Fund, in relation to a girl from one of CMU’s sororities who passed away this summer. With every Greek organization ready to give it their all, this year was very important to us. With the main focus to raise money for a good cause, it is pretty unreasonable to believe this wont still become competitive at times. The only time I would get competitive was our Mock Rock dance. After getting our music approved, I was assigned “Bye Bye Bye” by NSync to choreograph a dance to. With the help of the legendary Bellal Ammar, we made one of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s best men’s intermediate dance of all time. Here is our full video…

Aside from Greek Week, I am immensely grateful to be a part of this great chapter again and I’m finally getting to meet some of the new gentlemen that were initiated when I was inactive. With elections coming up, I have already been nominated for a few different positions that I could definitely see myself taking a role in this next semester. I will keep you all posted with how things go!


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