Such a CHEERful Year


I was very apprehensive to start my third year at Central Michigan University. Being involved with the CMU cheer team, while being a member of the Greek community, and having a difficult class schedule was a daunting thought. Before the semester started I took a look at my life and prioritized my goals. It was after this that I went to the president of my fraternity and requested to go inactive for the fall semester. As much as I enjoyed Greek life and being apart of a well recognized and accomplished fraternity, I knew that school and the cheer team during the football season held high responsibilities. With this decision made and my junior year of college starting, I was ready to excel academically and improve my fundamental skills on the cheer team.


At the beginning of the Fall semester I set myself two goals for the cheer team in regards to learning new skills. My first goal was to learn a running full, which I ended up coming very close to before we lost our tumbling coach. I was able to learn a clean back handspring-full on the tumble track but I never had the confidence to try it on the mats. I haven’t completely given up on the dream but I haven’t put to much effort into my tumbling anytime recently. My second goal was to hit a lib, which is a coed stunt where the guy holds the flyer’s left foot while she pulls the other leg up to her knee. This had always been a stunt I wanted to hit but could never get the hang of, until October 14th. This was the day I hit my first unassisted lib and I had a sincere feeling of accomplishment.


Being a “second year“ on the cheer team and having a good relationship with my coach ended in a number of opportunities to showcase my leadership skills. I was elected game captain for the last home game of the season this year and given the chance to prove to my coach that I can handle responsibility. Being the authority figure of the team for the last game gave me an immense feeling of gratitude because I knew that my team trusted me enough to call out cheers and pyramids throughout the game. I believe that I grew into a leadership role over the course of the season and was even given the pleasure of being an alternate for our Small Coed team and traveling down to Orlando, Florida to cheer them on at Nationals.


The CMU Cheer team once again showed my why it is essential to lead selflessly and encourage others to do the best they can everyday.


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