LEAD Team Reflection


This year I had the pleasure of planning and coordinating the LAS Grad Ball Ceremony.  This is immensely exciting for the Leadership Institute as a whole because it’s our chance to recognize some of our students for their amazing accomplishments over their college career.  It’s also one of the few instances every year that a majority of LAS is in the same room so it is a great picture opt.


The great pictures, amazing food, and spacious venue all added up to an amazing experience, but surely it took some work to get this event organized.

Our team was led by two amazing women, Kalie Grice and Amanda Fischer, and I doubt I would’ve wanted anyone else to be in their positions.  We had very few meetings first semester because it wasn’t necessary that early in the year but once second semester started, meetings became more prevalent.  Our first mission was to find a new venue that could accommodate all of LAS (staff included) and the seniors parents.  I wasn’t able to make it for last years Grad Ball but I heard the venue was too small and made a lot of things difficult while planning.  We ended up booking the Comfort Inn Conference Center located next to Bennigan’s right off of 127. This venue was the perfect size and offered vegetarian and vegan meals, which was very important for a group of environmentalist leaders to have.  Once the venue was decided, we began splitting up into different committees that would focus their efforts are certain tasks.  I was put on set-up/tear-down and cupcake committee.  Pretty self explanatory, I would be there and hour and a half before the event and an hour following as well as helping pick up and transport the deserts to the venue.  Honestly, my job was very simple and I was ultimately there to lend a helping hand with anything and thats exactly what I did.

Overall, I believe this was one of the classiest Grad Balls we have had in the passed few years.  Although I only attended one other Grad Ball before this, from the feedback of last years and my experience from my freshman year, this was the one that trumped all.  I couldn’t think if a better way to end my third year at CMU then to be with all of the people I love that got me to the place I’m at today.



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